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A specialist alcohol and drug counselling service

 for anyone who is affected by their own, someone else’s or relationship by drug and alcohol use.

We will work with you and support you through this process, explore why it's become a problem and also ways to make changes for the better that suit you.

All our counsellors are experienced in counselling anyone who wants to change or address their alcohol/drug use.

How we can help you

If your alcohol consumption is excessive or getting out of hand.

If alcohol or drugs are starting to take control of your life, or affecting your relationships.

If you want to cut back your drinking to healthier levels.

If someone close to you is drinking heavily or using drugs and you need to talk to someone about it.


If you are a parent concerned about your son or daughter’s drug or alcohol use.

Counsellor locations in Sussex

How long will it take?

Short term - what's possible


We can support you to address recent or current issues around excessive drug and alcohol consumption. This will usually focus on practical ways to help maintain a healthier relationship with alcohol and drugs.


Long term- underlying issues


A longer period of therapy looking at issues that have resulted in alcohol being a strategy for managing life in general.


It’s our aim to help you decide what suits you, the way you think, the way you feel, what you want to achieve.

It's not just about alcohol

Often alcohol can become a means of managing other difficulties including:

Stress at work

Relationship difficulties

Family breakdown

Domestic violence




Experience of historic abuse 


Our counsellors understand this and will be able to help you in any of the above areas

information on alcohol guidelines and drug misuse

All our professional counsellors have worked in substance misuse services and are fully qualified and trained to work with alcohol and drug misuse

On each of our counsellor's pages, you will find a link to their site which will show all the other specialisms they offer.

Alcohol Case history

Ruth is 35yrs old, married and works in London.

Ruth started counselling with me as she wanted to reduce her drinking. During our first meetings, it became apparent that she had had to make difficult choices due to her increasing dependency on alcohol. She had been through various rehabilitation programmes and was pleased with what she had achieved so far. She had been seeing a therapist for a long time who had to end their work due to health problems.

Drug case history

Helen is 54 years old. Her son who could become abusive when under the influence of alcohol or drugs had moved out. Initially she felt relieved as the uncertainty of what to expect when she came home had been removed. However she then realised how lonely she felt and that she started blaming herself for the breakdown of the relationship with her son.

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