About Us

We are an independent counselling service for issues relating to alcohol and/or drug use including stress at work, relationship issues, family breakdown, domestic violence, depression, anxiety and grief.

Alcohol can become a means of managing other difficult issues in life, our counsellors understand this and will work with you to explore not just alcohol or drug consumption but any other areas you feel are impacted on by alcohol or drugs. 


Our team of counsellors are all fully qualified alcohol and drug misuse counsellors who have extensive experience of working in the field of alcohol and substance misuse counselling both privately and in an organisational setting.

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It is our aim to provide a  service that meets your needs with one of our qualified counsellors specifically trained to work with alcohol misuse any issues related to alcohol and drug misuse.

To arrange counselling, select the counsellor you need - individual therapy, relationship therapy, those affected by another's addiction and use the details on each counsellors page to arrange an appointment either by phone or email.

Or contact Andrew for further advice

The team is led by Andrew Faulconbridge Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor who has worked for all the major providers of alcohol and substance misuse counselling in partnership with the NHS in Sussex and Brighton & Hove  for the last 18 years

All our counsellors are members of either the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy or the UK Association for Transactional Analysis.


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