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Addiction counsellor in Haywards Heath

Alcohol Counsellor in Haywards Heath

Sophy Chetwood

Counselling for individuals

I offer counselling to anyone who wants to change or address their alcohol/drug use. Whether you want to stop altogether - or just cut back - I can work with you and support you through this process, possibly exploring reasons why it's become a problem, but also ways to initiate change for the better.

Counselling for those affected by another’s substance misuse

I also offer counselling for families, friends and carers of alcohol and drug users.  This includes providing support and possible ways of coping with the ups and downs of being close to someone dependent on alcohol.

Relationship counsellor

Relationship counselling for those affected by alcohol misuse

I offer counselling to two people where one is an alcohol/drug user.  This may be a husband and wife partnership, girlfriend/boyfriend, parent and child and where the drinking is having a serious impact on relationships, communication and family life


I can help to support these partnerships in finding better ways to communicate and to resolve feelings such as guilt, abandonment, shame, resentment and helplessness.'


Alcohol dependency can have a serious impact on trust too and I  can support couples in rebuilding their trust for one another and in providing a basis to reaffirm their relationship.

About me

I am a fully qualified BACP Integrative Counsellor.  

I have specialist training in alcohol and drug misuse.

I also have wide experience in working with teenagers, children, carers and clients dealing with bereavement and loss, anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression.


All counselling sessions are confidential


See Sophy on the BACP website

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My Website

The fee for one-to-one counselling is £50: for couples £70


I do not charge for an initial consultation. Choosing the right counsellor is an important factor in how helpful and life enhancing talking therapy can be which is why we offer an initial free session with no obligation to continue.

Professional Qualifications
Sophy Chetwood professional qualifications
Where to find me

7 Hazelgrove Road

Haywards Heath

East Sussex RH16 3PH

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