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Experienced Alcohol counsellor in Hove
Katherine Travis

Katherine is a specialist alcohol counsellor working with people affected by alcohol and drugs.

She has many years experience in this field and worked successfully with many clients who wanted to address their alcohol and substance misuse.

Andrew Faulconbridge


Andrew is an experienced alcohol and drug misuse counsellor who empowers people to look at their need for alcohol or drugs and decide what needs to be changed and gain more control and choice over their actions.


Specialisms include:


Alcohol & Substance misuse




Living with a Disability

Kirsten Pick
Kirsten Pick

Kirsten is an experienced alcohol and drug counsellor, working effectively with people who want to reach a better understanding of their relationship to alcohol and/ or drugs.

Promoting a  trusting relationship  in which they feel safe, she facilitates change and acceptance

David Futter,alcohol & drug counsellor
David Futter


David is a qualified alcohol counsellor and experienced at working with individuals seeking to change their patterns of using alcohol and other drugs.

He works to foster a strong relationship with his clients in which they feel valued and safe to share their understanding of how and why they drink.

Ben Middleton Drug & Alcohol Counselling
Ben Middleton
Brighton and Hove

You may want to reduce your consumption; to stop drinking or taking drugs altogether; or perhaps you just want to try and understand what is going on for you. Or perhaps you are coping with someone in your life that has a harmful relationship to drugs or alcohol. Whatever your goal, Ben provides a non judgemental approach to enabling you to move forward.

Paul Carrington-Gretton
Paul Carrington - Gretton


Paul is an experienced drug and alcohol counsellor. He works with clients to provide

a safe environment in which they can explore their alcohol and substance use to find the resolution they desire.

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