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Alcohol and drug counsellor in Chichester

Alcohol and Drug Counsellor in Chichester

Kay Rivers

Counselling for individuals affected by alcohol or drug misuse

I am an experienced Addiction Counsellor. I offer support with reduction and recovery of alcohol/drug use. Therapy is tailored to your individual needs and goals, working at a pace that suits you. This process will give you a safe place to explore all aspects of presenting issues around your use of alcohol/drugs and to help facilitate change. 

Counselling for those affected by others Alcohol/Drug use

If you are struggling with someone else’s alcohol/drug use, counselling is a safe place for you to work through your feelings. Therapy will offer an empathic environment for you to express your thoughts and feelings around the impact that others alcohol/drug use has had on you.

 The effects of alcohol on the body

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is offered where one of you is an alcohol/drug user. Couples are welcome as are duo’s such as, mother/daughter, father/son, friends or siblings. I will support you in exploring the impact that alcohol/drug use has had on your relationships. Counselling will endeavour to give you a voice, to be heard, and to be able to fully communicate and build trust.

About me

I am a fully qualified Humanistic Counsellor, I have a private practice. I also work for a charity supporting clients with, or who have suffered from cancer. Previously I have worked as an Addiction Counsellor with CRI- Chichester, and SDAC telephone counselling service.

I work from a Humanistic Holistic perspective. This way of working allows the exploration of the whole person, mind, body and spirit and the connectivity which exists between them. My belief is that we all have the resources needed to heal and make change in our emotional wellbeing, this may be achieved within the therapeutic relationship which counselling offers.

My specialisms include:

Substance misuse


Terminal illness


Free initial 30 minute telephone consultation

£40 per 50 mins session

£55 couples/duo per 60 minute session

Professional Qualifications


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Basin Road, Chichester West Sussex PO19

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Kay Rivers Alcohol Counselling
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