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A fantastic site website packed full of information. on the effects of substances and alcohol by Dave Mcnamara

Our need for Sleep

Sleep is vital to our wellbeing - and alcohol and substances can interrupt our sleep patterns.


This is a great site for information on many aspects of alcohol misuse

A guide to alcohol units

How many units do you drink a week?

A list of the most popular drinks and the amount of alcohol units each contains.

Alcohol concern

Alcohol concern health facts sheets

Alcohol and Dementia

Alcohol and Hypertension

Alcohol and diabetese

Alcohol and breast cancer

The road to Brighton

A metaphor for addiction


Using a map to Brighton as a metaphor this film looks at how addiction affects the brain and how to change it by Paula Hall,  Naked Truth Project

Myths about alcohol

Common myths about alcohol

BBC - Safe Alcohol Levels

Safe Alcohol Levels UK government guidelines on how much alcohol it is safe to drink are unrealistic, largely ignored and should be changed to reflect modern drinking habits, a study has suggested.

Men are currently recommended to drink no more than three or four units a day, and women no more than two or three.

But the study found that the guidelines are largely ignored because most people do not drink every day.

Instead they drink heavily at the weekend - in order to get drunk.

Many people taking part in the research also found the idea of alcohol "units" confusing as they measured their intake in pints, bottles and glasses. more

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