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Just say NO

Just Say Know

Raising Awareness, Reducing Risk


A fantastic site website packed full of information. on the effects of substances and alcohol by Dave Mcnamara. Who has worked in drug and alcohol services and is a vastly experienced trainer.


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BBC Our need for Sleep

Our need for Sleep

Sleep is vital to our wellbeing - and alcohol and substances can interrupt our sleep patterns.


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This is a great site for information on many aspects of alcohol misuse


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BBC Alcohol Guidelines

A guide to alcohol units

A guide to alcohol units

How many units do you drink a week?

A list of the most popular drinks and the amount of alcohol units each contains.


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Alcohol concern

Alcohol concern

Alcohol concern health facts sheets

Alcohol and Dementia

Alcohol and Hypertension

Alcohol and diabetes

Alcohol and breast cancer

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Myths about Alcohol

Myths about alcohol

Common myths about alcohol


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The Road to Brighton

The road to Brighton

A metaphor for addiction


Using a map to Brighton as a metaphor this film looks at how addiction affects the brain and how to change it by Paula Hall,  Naked Truth Project


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