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Alcohol counselling in Hove

Alcohol Counsellor in Hove

Kirsten Pick

Counselling for individuals affected by alcohol misuse

I aim to provide a safe space in which to explore experiences which may have contributed to your current situation and find ways to accept or change the way you use drugs and alcohol.

During this transitional phase changes may affect other parts of your life, which we would explore, encouraging you to make life choices that will enhance your well-being

Relationship counselling for those affected by alcohol or drug misuse

When your lifestyle changes due to, for example a different approach to your drug and/or alcohol use, it can impact all other relationships around you. It can become a very difficult and confusing time while you and your partner, family member or close friend adjust to these new circumstances.

During counselling my aim is to support you through some of the changes that are taking place. We explore the understanding and expectations of your relationship and previous issues by working in an open non-judgmental way. It can be difficult to hear and understand each other whilst dealing with an unknown stressful situation, together we can find ways of communicating and accepting each other’s views.

Is someone you care for affected by alcohol or drug misuse?

Someone's alcohol and/or drug use may impact you in many different ways , you might feel angry, helpless, worried about the other’s welfare and lots of other feelings can be experienced.

Sharing these feelings can help make sense of situations and help process them. Sometimes the reality when someone changes their alcohol or drug use by reducing or stopping their intake is very different from the expectations which also can add difficult feelings to a potentially stressful time.

Counselling can help you explore your choices in a safe and open-minded space.

About me

I am a qualified counsellor and have worked within substance misuse services since 2012. I’ve worked with people wanting to change their own relationship to drugs and/or alcohol and with those being impacted by someone else’s use including young adults. Sometimes it is more beneficial for two people to work together, this duo can be a parent and child, other family members, friends or partners. I am LGBT affirmative.


I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy  BACP and work within their ethical framework.

Professional Qualifications

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Experienced alcohol abuse counsellor
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